Spatial Diversity

Associate Professor David Bruce

Invitation from the Convenor

Dear colleagues and friends
It is with great pleasure that I invite you to attend igcesh2010: the Biennial International Conference of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) to be held in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia from 28 September to 2 October 2009.

The Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute was recently formed when members of the Spatial Sciences Institute and the Institution of Surveyors voted to merge. SSSI brings together the best of the two bodies, and strengthens the voice of spatial professionals in Australia and New Zealand. The SSC biennial conference, previously an event of the SSI, will continue with the new Institute, and we are confident that the inaugural SSSI conference in Adelaide will be the biggest and best yet.

The biennial conference is the premier event for surveying and spatial sciences in the Australasian region. It attracts a large and diverse audience and in 2009 will embrace a new format. The South Australian regional committee for the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute is very excited about the event, which will provide cutting edge developments in the application of spatial science to a diverse set of disciplines, communities and people: indeed this diversity is the inspiration for the conference theme of Spatial Diversity.

The conference theme will be delivered to you via plenary and keynote presentations, technical papers, symposia, workshops, competitions, awards, dinners, lunches, coffee, exhibitions, breakfasts, walks and talks. We are attracting key players in the industries where spatial information is so important - environment, mining, defence, land administration, agriculture, disaster management and more. Together with these people we are engaging a large range of exhibitors of technology and applications. This will all be delivered to you in one of the world's best convention centres, right in the heart of a very friendly city.

In addition to the many attractions that the city of Adelaide has to offer, Adelaide is also the gateway to a range of regional touring experiences. From here you can visit our renowned wineries, take in the wonders of our natural habitats in places like Kangaroo Island, the Flinders Ranges, or the Great Australian Bight where the fishing and whale watching are second to none.

I sincerely trust that you will join us at igcesh2010 and that you plan now for Adelaide, South Australia, 28 September - 2 October, 2009.

Associate Professor David Bruce
igcesh2010 Convenor
University of South Australia

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